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Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi told the Chicago Sun Times there were "no signs of foul play" and it was unclear whether drugs played a role in his death. Born in Chicago, Illinois, in , Juice Wrld was raised by his single mother, described as a religious and conservative woman who forbade him from listening to hip hop.

He started rapping in high school, using online music streaming platform SoundCloud to upload and promote his music. Juice Wrld went on to release his debut full-length EP, , on the platform in , garnering him attention from fellow Chicago-based artists such as G Herbo and Lil Bibby. The rapper rose to fame in , when hit singles All Girls Are the Same and Lucid Dreams, which peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot chart, drew the attention of music fans and record labels. He topped the Billboard chart this year with his second album Death Race for Love.

In one of his songs, Juice Wrld rapped about the short lives of artists, saying "all the legends seem to die out". The song, titled Legends, was dedicated to two late rappers, year-old XXXTentacion and year-old Lil Peep, who died in and , respectively. In the song Juice Wrld rapped: "What's the 27 Club? We ain't making it past I been going through paranoia.

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Juice Wrld had celebrated his 21st birthday last week. In a tweet, he said it was "one of his best" birthdays yet. His music has been described as emo rap, a genre that draws influences from hip hop and alternative rock. In a four-star review of his second album , music publication NME said the rapper "makes songs that stick, his vocal dissonance capturing what it feels like to be young and in pain, and feeling a sense of indifference towards authority figures".

Elvis signs a one-picture movie contract with Hal Wallis and Paramount Pictures. The contract includes options for six more pictures. Compared to the usual hysteria, Elvis has lukewarm acceptance for his two-week engagement at the New Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas.

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He is not exactly what the adult audience of Vegas gamblers relates to very well. Through all of this, the travel and personal appearances around the country and new Elvis recording sessions and releases continue. The crowds get bigger and bigger, wilder and wilder. Elvis creates pandemonium wherever he goes. Among his selections is a playfully sensuous performance of "Hound Dog" that drives the kids in the audience wild and disgusts the press and some of the adult viewers.

It is one of his most controversial performances. This merely serves to fuel his seemingly unstoppable popularity even more.

Traveling, personal appearances and new record releases continue. But the kids love it.

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Smith H. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. This new edition was made with a cause: to raise funds to support AIDS research. Campbell, S. Reed, J. Battistelli, M.

Among his performances this night is a much toned down version of "Hound Dog. Elvis good-nature goes along with it, but is not too happy about it. The Elvis recording sessions, record releases and touring continue. The condemnation and controversy continues as well, along with the ever-growing popularity. Ed Sullivan, who had said that he would never have the likes of Elvis Presley on his show, changes his tune when he sees the big ratings that Elvis attracts to the Berle and Allen shows.

The Jordanaires, a gospel quartet and popular country back-up group, begin working with Elvis in the studio during his fourth RCA session and soon begin touring with him. They will also appear with him in several films and remain his main back-up group until the late sixties. Character actor Charles Laughton hosts in place of Sullivan, who is recuperating from a car accident.

Elvis Presley Day is proclaimed in Tupelo, Mississippi. He performs two shows at the Mississippi-Alabama Fair and Dairy Show, the same fair at which he had performed at age This time there are a hundred National Guardsmen surrounding the stage to control the crowds of excited fans. Licensees will soon be producing as many as thirty different products including hats, t-shirts, jeans, kerchiefs, sneakers, shirts, blouses, belts, purses, billfolds, wallets, charm bracelets, necklaces, magazines, gloves, bookends, a statue, lipstick, cologne, stuffed hound dogs, stationery, sweaters, crockery, and more.

Elvis and the Colonel are to blaze new trails in the area of celebrity merchandising. This is to be forever a part of the marketing of Elvis Presley, feeding a never-ending demand. The film has Elvis performing several songs. Elvis ends the pivotal year of his career, when regional popularity gave way to unprecedented national and international fame. The year of has seen the beginning of Elvis souvenir merchandising, the beginning of a successful movie career, huge record sales five number one singles on the pop chart, two number one albums on the pop chart, and other hits , history-making television appearances, record-breaking personal appearances and more.

Elvis has become the primary symbol of the new youth culture in America. Nothing will ever be the same for Elvis Presley or for the world. Ed Sullivan is the most influential person on television and one of the most powerful people in the television industry at the time. Personal appearances, recording sessions, record releases, controversy and publicity continue.

The article tells of bootleg recordings being cut on discarded X-ray plates and being sold in Leningrad on the black market for fifty rubles about twelve and a half dollars each, a lot of money at the time. O Come All Ye Faithful. Songwriter s : R. Blane, H.


What was the #1 song the day you were born? What about your 12th birthday song? Find the number one song any day from - ! And what was No.1 on your 18th birthday? This record is often referred to as your life's theme song!

Let There Be Peace. Underwood, Brett James, D. Songwriter s : E. Cash, S. Cash, F. Cash, M. Cash, A. Producer s : We The Kingdom.

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Out Of My Hands. Camp, J. Sojka, E. Mary, Did You Know? Greene III, M. The Hope Of Christmas. Away In A Manger. Image Of God. Songwriter s : D. Mulligan, B. Fowler, C. Producer s : B. Sweet Baby Jesus. Feels Like Joy. Tyler, J. Henry, J.

Celebrate Me Home. Loggins, R. Miracle Of Love.

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Tomlin, A. Gorley, E. The Christmas Waltz.