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Painfully truthful. There were times I cried. Other times I laughed.

Other times I put my hands over my eyes out of embarrassment but secretly looked through my fingers when he had rushed to the bathroom because his bag overflowed. Beautifully written. If you want to know what it is like to have cancer this is the book. If you have already had cancer than perhaps it is not the book. We don't have a non-stop relay team to do for us.

Most of us are on our own except for a spouse or a child to help. So to that end I could not relate. Otherwise I would recommend this book if anyone who has never had cancer wants to know what it is like. To really understand what cancer is you really have to experience it. I pray that you do not. Michael tells his story in a manner that I can relate to and follow along with like I was there at the time. Being a three-time cancer survivor myself I can see my own experiences in his as I read along. His experiences are inspirational for anyone that has recently been diagnosed.

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His ability to overcome Stage III cancer and go on to be able to compete in marathons, work out in "boot camp" style courses is proof that you do not have to lay down and let cancer get the best of you. Michael is doing just that. His book is a great read, inspiring and motivating. As the Community Manager for WhatNext. This is an excellent read! Michael is so open about his journey with cancer. He has you laughing and crying within the same paragraph. I "love" his humor and how he just "tells it like it is.

Michael has detailed his journey and how he got through the toughest of times, so that others can follow his roadmap to ease their fears and be a survivor and a thriver. And I'm so thankful to call Michael a dear friend! He has been an inspiration, a co-worker, lunch buddy and a true friend for several years. Looking forward to many more years to come!

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When Michael was diagnosed with cancer he became a member of a club that no one wants to join! As a fellow club member, I've read more cancer books than I care to read. This isn't your typical "cancer book" and Michael isn't your typical person who lives after a cancer diagnosis! This book is a real life look inside of one who walked the hell of cancer and chose to see his journey as a walk along a yellow brick road rather than dead man walking! This is by no means a Pollyanna view of cancer; rather Michael shows that in the midst of darkness you can persevere and emerge with a sense of determination and gratitude.

If you are going through hell, like so many of us right now, to borrow a quote from his book Step 1. Define your Goal. Step 2. Buy and Read this Book! Michael-Thank you for this book! Lead On, Michael-Lead On! Michael does a wonderful job of explaining what cancer tried to do to him but failed! These shifts remind us that we are part of some greater story, that we too are creatures of this planet, affected and informed by mysterious rhythms beyond our smaller desires, intentions, and understanding.

There is another cycle attuned to our own birth season and birth sign that further elaborates upon and refines our interactions and efforts in the world. Astrology , as a high sophisticated study of cycles, reveals a unique pattern to each person's yearly experience that is based upon the month of birth. What appears random and out of our control can actually be predicted and used to make our lives easier and more gracious.

There are months best suited for those born in a specific sign for all manner of things: launching new ventures, putting work on public display, resting and recharging your energy. Think of this as wise ecology, your personal contribution to the energy crisis. If you are in sync with your own rhythms, you experience less resistance, you use less energy, and you stay healthier and happier.

Each Sun sign has four key power months around which the rest of the year pivots. These powerpoints act together like a compass, allowing you to make incremental steps in a course of action, to pace yourself, and to map your progress. These are months for focused intent—the most important times to check your course. The other months of the year organize around what happens in these four. It's helpful to remember that you do not need to be pushing hard all the time.

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A healthy cycle must contain both ebb and flow, action and effort that is nourished and informed by moments of stillness. Awakening This is a crucial month in your annual journey, when impulses deep within you are cultivated in your imagination and begin to stir in your veins. Throwing off inertia, you feel compelled to step beyond the rules and expectations that have dictated your efforts in recent months.

Now is the time to head for what you want. Take risks. Shrug off forethought and caution and just do it—whatever your impulse leads you to. There will be a time later that is better suited to modifying or clarifying, but for now, new things are being born of you. Life is an act of faith and you do not know where you are going.

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New life is spilling out of you; let your impulses propel you forward. Take inspiration from the image of the Fool in the tarot cards. The Fool instinctively steps forward, even though the circumstances and the nature of the journey ahead are yet unknown.

Thursday, June 5

It is important to trust that you have already been preparing for this Awakening time, that your instincts have put you in just the right alignment to respond perfectly to this moment. In the last few months, if you think back, you will understand how you have been setting up the perfect circumstances for this time. Whether consciously or unconsciously, you have been thinking about new projects and new interests you wanted to develop.

Through dreams or in contacts with inspiring people, exciting possibilities, and fresh goals have appeared on your horizon. Don't concern yourself with the details of how you will accomplish anything; this will naturally emerge in the months to come.

Trust that life is living through you; that you are a perfect conduit just as you are. Notice the things, interests, projects, or people that used to be important, but no longer spark your enthusiasm, passion, or curiosity. Notice what has recently dropped down in the list of your priorities for the year ahead, perhaps dissolved, disappeared, been lost, or taken away. Notice where you have been saying no, even if this has brought you grief.

All of these things and events have prepared you for this moment of Awakening. Appreciate how all of this has helped you make space for something new to emerge in your life. This making of space is most important, a necessary emptying. Stress and overwhelm come from hanging onto everything, from continually adding more to your schedule, for never letting the old life go. We have forgotten this important truth in our busy lives as we double book our calendars and fill our days with impossible lists, as we forever push and hunger for more.

We have truly forgotten the rich abundance and sweet simplicity of down time. We have forgotten that the lush green growth of the old year naturally decays to provide good nourishing compost for the new year's seedlings. Grounding and Gathering This is the month to steady your course, not to expand but rather to stabilize, to gather in energy or even to cut back your efforts. Life is manifesting its fullness, and you can become swamped by so many possibilities that your original intentions are obscured. This is a month best suited for feeling your way into what is emerging, for making it your own, for reconsidering and reviewing, pruning and marking your efforts with a personal touch.

Allow yourself to rest and to dream. Directions will then be able to well up from deep in your subconscious. Eat slowly, stare out the window, cancel unnecessary meetings, fritter away time just doing nothing.